Poem of Rejab


By: Hanan Suhaila Uzir, 6th Year Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University

Dear Ummah,
Don’t you remember the journey of one night
When there was a beloved knight,
From Masjidil Haram to Masjidil Aqsa he marked his sight
With buraq, he followed the only right
As the Lord rewarded him the insight.
“You’ll never be lost if you hold to these tightly!“ he said
There are Al-Quran and Hadith which have been laid
Just for us , to aid!

We will bring  joy and happiness to the world again
For the sins , let’s make it drain
From the inside we remain and maintain
Like the sahabah we train and sustain
And the world will no more be in pain!

Dear Ummah,
Secularism is obscuring the ways
Liberalism is controlling these days
While Islam is the only railway
Should we just stay and try to assay?

Some see Islam as prayer and fasting only,
Some say Islam is about good and charity,
Some feel Islam from the inside and walk proudly,
And some are just amazed about the miracles of Islam personally.
And undoubtly, Islam is the solely!

Dear Ummah,
Islam is the only solution
To these days demolition
To solve the abortion and corruption
To treat the collision and lessen the friction
So, what is the motion?

To harden the roots of Aqidah
To purify the meaning of Ibadah
To build a nation of Ummah

Let’s make the spirit accumulate
So that the “diseases” will eradicate

Let’s make the move!
So  we can prove!
So long dear Ummah.



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